August 02, 2013

YouTube Live Streaming 100 Subscribers

YouTube Live Streaming is now available for channels with 100 subscribers.
by Bern Rexer

Previously your channel required 1000 subscribers for live streaming. This news heard from VidCon opens up live streaming considerably for anyone with a YouTube channel.

It was also announced in the YouTube Creators Blog and confirmed on the YouTube Live Operations product forums:
YouTube Live Access Expanded

If you have more than 100 subscribers then check your account features and select Enable for Live events.


  1. how we can get back to old platform YouTube Live Streaming? I need 24/7 option because the new platform has a limit of approximately 36 hours.

  2. From the live events section,, you may see an opt out of the 'new YouTube live streaming experience'.

    If that link is not available then I'm not sure what the status of the old platform is. Some channels have this and stream 24/7 such as the Pet Collective channel.

    I think 24/7 streaming is extremely valuable - and I would bet YouTube is working on a solution.

  3. But also - I don't know if opting out of the new platform gives you the old platform - or if it opts you out of live streaming.