August 22, 2013

YouTube Live Streaming & Content ID

What is Content ID?

  • YouTube's state-of-the-art technologies let rights owners Identify user-uploaded videos comprised entirely OR partially of their content (as posted from YouTube)

YouTube Live Streaming is also subject to Content ID. 

Be careful that you are not streaming any content which may be in the Content ID system or is copyrighted. 

"If streaming a live event on YouTube that contains copyrighted content you will first receive a warning message... If you continue to stream that content, your event will be stopped automatically and live will be disabled on your channel."

Here are some ways that might get you in trouble:
  • Streaming ambient music - pay attention to who has the radio on!
  • TV shows in the background.
  • Walkin music for corporate presentations or large venues.
  • Video playback from presentations which contain copyrighted material.  
What if you don't have total control of your environment?
  • As stated you will receive a warning so pay attention to the messages in the Live Control Room. Try very hard to work with all artists, presenters, and producers regarding the audio and video elements which may be introduced into your live stream. 
Could you mask the ambient copyrighted material out? 
  • Maybe by having a drum track available to lay into your audio mix you could mask from the Content ID system. But it might be hard to test this! 
Remember that Content ID is a very good system in place to protect your content. But it could cause some inconveniences if you unintentionally broadcast copyrighted material. So be careful.

Tune back to find out if masking works. 

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