June 13, 2012

YouTube Live through another partner.

by Bern Rexer

If you are not yet enabled to stream live on YouTube then consider using a partner who is enabled. Collaborate with a partner who has your permission to broadcast your original content.

Your content could be live or previously recorded. The partner who has the YouTube live feature enabled will setup the event with a description. The live event description, just like an uploaded video description, can include links that direct the audience back to your channel, G+, web page etc.

This event will appear on the http://YouTube.com/Live page.

This technique will increase your subscriptions if marketed well.

After the event is created - a YouTube video URL is generated which can be marketed and optimized. You can feature the live event on your channel. Setting up your channel to feature a video from another channel is pretty simple.

Maybe consider producing a short a video tease to promote the live event.


June 08, 2012

Live streaming on YouTube will change the way we present our media. Think about the power of Google behind media distribution. I think it will disrupt the streaming media CDN marketplace (and much more).

Remember when YouTube offered video uploads and distribution for free? Many thought that business idea wasn't sound. YouTube probably lost a lot of money initially. But now we see they are the second largest search engine of content (behind Google).

It has been a year since YouTube began offering live streaming (see youtube-is-going-live) and they are limiting who has access to the live feature - but rolling it out incrementally.

Live content on YouTube enables exposure to users who otherwise may not have been able to receive that content. This week the International Olympic Committee and YouTube announced that the London 2012 Olympic Games will be streamed live from the IOC YouTube Channel to users in Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa.
MXPI is enabled to stream live on YouTube and produces or consults for television and live event producers. I've been webcasting for over ten years along with more than a decade of live television experience and true passion for the technology.

So this Blog is about streaming live on YouTube, the technology required, and methods of process along with opinions and best case scenarios.

Hopefully this blog will answer some questions and generate some discussion -
How does the YouTube Live feature work?
Can your YouTube channel benefit from streaming live?
What equipment or services do I need to stream live on YouTube?

-Bern Rexer