August 28, 2012

Bites and Clips - re purpose your live event

By Bern Rexer

If you produce a live event or podcast - especially if the duration is long. Consider editing out the good stuff into shorter video clips. This creates more content for you and extends the life of your original content. And the more optimized content you have the more audience will find you.

August 21, 2012

Video Teasers

By Bern Rexer

Video teasers work great for live webcasts and YouTube live events. Consider a short (30 sec or less) video - which can simply be slide with voice over introducing the date and subject (a stealth PR release could be something like ‘stay tuned for big news!’.

This teaser is placed on the YouTube or other video distribution channels that features the live event. The watch page of the teaser includes the description field with URLs and other pertinent info (URL to the actual live event). Pay attention to the title, keyword associations and tags.

The benefit is that the video teaser drives more traffic to the story and the channel for the live event. It gives the audience a hint of something to come and where they need to go to watch it. The teaser is just like a commercial on TV that says to watch an event coming up later.

It is pretty quick to produce these for the value they add. The biggest challenge sometimes is voice over - finding the talent or person in the office who has a good voice. However the teaser can be achieved without voice over – just some music and textual information also works.