May 21, 2015

YouTube Live Streaming at 60fps

YouTube live streaming is now capable of 60fps (frames per second). Increased from 30fps, this is especially beneficial to viewers of gaming and sports live streams.

Here is the announcement:

YouTube Creator Blog: 60fps Live Streaming on YouTube in HTML5

August 04, 2014

Bern Rexer YouTube Live Con Guru Panel

YouTube Live Con to host Live Guru Panel.

by Bern Rexer

YouTube will be holding their 2nd 'YouTube Live Con' live streaming conference October 4th 2014 at their headquarters in San Bruno CA. 

The conference will feature exhibits and workshops. And it will feature a panel which I'll be honored to sit at along with other industry veterans. We will discuss the live streaming industry and share experiences about best practices when producing live events on and off of YouTube.

Here is more information from the event website: