June 01, 2013

YouTube Live Streaming service brand?

By Bern Rexer

How should the YouTube Live Streaming Services be branded? 

Because... there doesn't seem to be one. I'd love to hear something official from someone. 

But does it really matter? Is anyone in a rush to brand YouTube live webcasts at this point? By now we've all learned about YouTube live streaming. So maybe they don't need to further brand each individual feature that they offer. Possibly more changes are in the future where it is too early to brand these features? Maybe they can wait a little longer to see what the general consensus says. 

But that has always been the problem. Because there never has been popular consensus about what to call live video on the Internet.  
Live streaming as a service has always struggled with terminology. It has changed over the years and has been referred to differently by different industry. 

What seems to be the a popular brand reference to YouTube live streaming right now is the portmanteau - livestream. But Livestream is a service company and possibly a trademarked brand. YouTube Live is also reference but it is not always used by Google or YouTube. 

So what should the YouTube live streaming services be called?

I've been back and forth between YouTube Live and YouTube Live Streaming. I've also mentioned YouTube Live Events. How about YouTube Live Broadcast?

Here is a list of the many terms we've heard over the years referring to live video on the Internet. Please add any I've missed:
Web Conference
Web Seminar
Internet Broadcasting
live streaming
hybrid events
hybrid meeting


Back in 2002 we made fun of the many confusing terminologies during a spoof video about web conferencing.
Watch the segment here at the 68 second mark:
Agoraphobics Webcast Live Stream Live Webcast Spoof


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By Bern Rexer

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